Cissy Chen

Product Management & Leadership Coach


Price Range
$150-300 per one-on-one session
(Be sure to review all services and payment options, too!)

New York, NY

Average Private Session Price

$150-300 per one-on-one session



Experience & Credentials

Consumer product management leader by way of LinkedIn and Sequoia-backed safety startup Citizen, coach, and startup advisor.

Parcerra Member Since

January 2022


Cissy Chen

Product Management & Leadership Coach

I help PMs work through their top career challenges so they feel successful and happy in their roles. I help founders with their top product strategy and process challenges.


Hi 👋 I'm Cissy, an experienced product manager, coach, and product advisor.

🆘 HOW I CAN HELP: I help my coaching clients with their top career challenges & my advising clients with their top product strategy questions. Examples: — Pivot into PM, Excel in your new PM role, Navigate tricky workplace dynamics, Regain control & confidence in your work — Build 0→1 consumer product, subscription products (incl. willingness to pay research), community products & marketplaces

✨ MY COACHING APPROACH: Empathetic, actionable, and inquisitive. My approach is designed to help you both (1) create actionable next steps and (2) uncover deeper insights that will help you create lasting change in how you work, make decisions, and drive your career. I do this by combining reflective inquiry coaching with proven, from-the-field tactics.

🤔 WHY WORK WITH ME: Unlike other career or leadership coaches, my experience as a high performing PM helps me amplify your coaching experience with proven PM tactics and actionable advice. Unlike a PM mentor who might only give you advice, I use researched coaching tactics that will help us dig deeply into your unique set of strengths, motivations, values, and self-blockers to uncover insights that will create more lasting change to your career.

👩🏻‍💻 ABOUT ME: At LinkedIn, I've led product for subscriber retention for LinkedIn Premium, built ML-powered insights products for business leaders & job seekers, and scaled community products for 100Ms of users. At Citizen, I created the 0 to 1 consumer subscription product & business that generated the Sequoia-backed safety startup's first $X M in revenue.

I started coaching because the only thing I love more than solving problems myself is helping PEOPLE solve their problems through deep self-understanding. I will be your partner & mirror in tackling your biggest challenges as a PM, aspiring PM, or startup founder.

Who I work with

Mid-level professionals
Women of color
Entry-level professionals

What I focus on

Career transitioning
Product management
Communication and public speaking
Company culture
Consumer startups
Leadership and management
Negotiating salaries
Career planning
Business strategy
Team building
Personal branding
Mindset and confidence
Productivity and time management
Work-life balance
Diversity and inclusion

Services I offer

One-on-one sessions
Free intro call
Startup advising
Ad hoc sessions

Payment options I offer

Time of service payments


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